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                  Contact us

                  Address: 18 Hudang Road Nanjing Liuhe Economic Development Zone
                  Postal Code: 211500
                  Tel: + 86-25-58392894
                  Fax: + 86-25-58392751
                  E-mail: njkaihua@163.com

                  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar national agency for theASK KOREA CO.,LTD
                  About Us

                   Nanjing Hengxiang Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. to leading technology, superior quality as the goal, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness, shaping the industry's attention, "Kaihua" brand.
                  1996, Nanjing Hengxiang Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. was established. After nearly two decades of hard, relentless progress, HengXiang completed by leaps and bounds the rapid development, it has become one of China's largest, most technologically advanced professional rockwool manufacturer.
                  Heng Xiang is located in the northern part of the Tiger, according to Lung Poon, the ancient capital of Nanjing --- Liuhe Economic Development Zone, south of the Yangtze golden waterway, the surrounding high-speed railways, highways, international airport intertwined, accessible transportation advantages Quartet's long-term development HengXiang providing convenience. Nanjing Hengxiang Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. professional commitment to high-quality wool product development, manufacturing, has invested 250 million yuan, the establishment of an area of 45,000 square meters of modern production base and technology R & D base, with two leading international level modern production lines, production capacity reached 55,000 tons, and increase year by year. Products widely reputation of the market, the market throughout China and exported overseas, to become China's first brand of rock wool products.
                  Nanjing Hengxiang Insulation Materials Co., Ltd. adopts the most advanced European rock wool production technology, advanced and efficient production equipment and improve the testing equipment. Production processes to achieve digital control, high degree of automation to ensure product quality, excellent.
                  "Bo concept and about to take, the thick and thin of plot." Technology is a leading HengXiang vowed to pursue.