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                  Contact us

                  Address: 18 Hudang Road Nanjing Liuhe Economic Development Zone
                  Postal Code: 211500
                  Tel: + 86-25-58392894
                  Fax: + 86-25-58392751
                  E-mail: njkaihua@163.com

                  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar national agency for theASK KOREA CO.,LTD
                  Rock wool sandwich special


                   "Kaihua" rockwool sandwich plate as the sandwich core material special mineral wool, is the best material for factory-built plane and multi-shape sandwich panels. Rock wool sandwich metal surface is color coated steel and other metal materials for the finishes to non-flammable mineral wool as core material, made of adhesive bonding by the composite material. These sandwich panels for outdoor and indoor surfaces.

                     After "Kaihua" sandwich board made of wool fiber wool strips arranged vertically, through bonding and metal composite materials, rock wool sandwich panel processing to form a metal surface. This vertical fiber structure makes sandwich has the characteristics of a high compression, high shear and tensile strength.