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                  Contact us

                  Address: 18 Hudang Road Nanjing Liuhe Economic Development Zone
                  Postal Code: 211500
                  Tel: + 86-25-58392894
                  Fax: + 86-25-58392751
                  E-mail: njkaihua@163.com

                  Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar national agency for theASK KOREA CO.,LTD
                  Kaihua Rockwool Profile

                  Rockwool originated in Hawaii. After the first eruption of Hawaii Island, the islanders found on the ground after melting ray ray is soft rock, this is the first human cognition wool fiber, rock wool production process, in fact, is to simulate the Hawaii volcano eruption this natural process. I am using currently Europe's most advanced wool production technology, advanced and efficient production equipment and improve the testing equipment. Production processes to achieve digital control, high degree of automation to ensure product quality, excellent. Our high quality basalt, dolomite as the main raw materials, high temperature above 1450 ℃ melt adopt international advanced high-speed centrifugal axis centrifuge fibroblasts, while spraying a certain amount of the binder, after the dust oil, water repellent after collection cotton collected by the pendulum method process, coupled with three-dimensional method for curing cotton shop, cutting, forming different specifications and use rock wool products.

                  1. Insulation Thermal Insultion

                  Kaihua wool fiber slender flexible, low shot content, low thermal conductivity and therefore, has excellent insulation effect.

                  2.Acoustic Control

                  Kaihua Rockwool insulation materials are ideal, a lot of long fibers form a porous structure in communication, decision Kaihua wool is an excellent noise absorbing material.

                  3.WAter Repellency

                  Kaihua wool product hydrophobic rate greater than 98%; low water absorption, no wicking.

                  4.Fire Safety

                  Kaihua raw wool using natural volcanic rock, is nonflammable building fireproof material: fire resistant, effectively prevent the spread of fire; dimensional stability, will not stretch, shrink or deformed in the fire; high temperature melting point higher than 1000 ℃; no smoke or fire in the fire droplets / debris, does not release harmful substances or gases environment.

                  5.Moisture Resstance

                  Kaihua wool at a relatively high humidity, moisture absorption rate of less than 0.2% by volume; by ASTM C1104 or ASTM C1104M method of testing, quality moisture absorption rate of less than 1%.

                  6.No Corrosion

                  Kaihua wool chemically stable, PH value is 7-8, neutral or alkaline, carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metal materials from corrosion.

                  7.Healthy and environmental-friendly

                  Kaihua wool asbestos, CFC, HFC, HCFC and other environmentally harmful substances are not used in the production process. It does not corrode or mildew, resulting in bacteria. (Note: The rock wool has been identified IARC authority to not carcinogen)

                  8.Energy saving and emission reduction

                  Due to the excellent performance Kaihua wool can not only achieve a good energy saving effect, and can greatly improve the energy efficiency of the building.